InsuringAmerica offers a full range of commercial & personal insurance services and represents some of the largest and most well-known insurance carriers in the industry. We also offer a broad range of financial services for life, health, investment, long-term care and more.


Commercial Insurance

Commercial General Liability insures a business against accidents and injury that might happen on or away from its premises. It also insures against certain exposures that are part of its normal business operations. These exposures might include bodily injury or property damage to a third party, medical expenses from an incident, lawsuits, investigations and settlements, and for any bonds or judgments required during an appeal.


How much insurance? As a rule, you should not operate a business without basic commercial general liability insurance. To do so would be leaving yourself and your business vulnerable to lawsuits that might jeopardize your finances and assets. Considering the litigious nature of our society and the trend toward higher judgment amounts, you should consider purchasing more than you think you need.


Sole Proprietorship’s – Keep in mind that the owner of sole proprietorships can be held personally responsible for a judgment against the business. In the case of corporations, only the assets of the corporation may be seized if a judgment is made against it.


Errors and Omissions – If your business provides professional advice or service, you may also be required to carry errors and omissions insurance.


ManufacturingInsuringAmerica understands the unique liabilities associated with the manufacturing industry. We offer specialized insurance programs for a broad range of manufacturers, industries, and sizes of business.


Contractors – Most contractors face a combination of exposures to loss: General liability, workers compensation, auto liability & physical damage, equipment floaters, bonding and more. InsuringAmerica can provide comprehensive coverage at reasonable rates.


Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Workers’ compensation insurance covers injuries and occupational diseases that occur in the workplace. Employers are liable even if the employee may have contributed to the injury or illness. Contact InsuringAmerica to learn how we can design a Workers Compensation Insurance program for your business.


Commercial Auto Insurance – Reliable commercial auto insurance is a must for your business vehicles. InsuringAmerica provides comprehensive commercial auto insurance with a wide variety of coverages and broad acceptability of vehicles and drivers.


Personal Insurance  


Homeowners insurance – Your home, is more than just a source of pride, comfort, and security — it’s likely the largest investment you will ever make. A homeowner’s insurance policy protects you from damage that may affect the value of your home. A standard policy usually includes personal liability and theft coverage.

Auto insurance – If you’re looking for extraordinary service, outstanding claims assistance, and bottom line value, InsuringAmerica can find the right fit for your specific needs. As an independent agent, we can write policies for many different companies and fit you with the insurer that has the best rates for your particular situation. Please contact us for a free quote.


Jewelry/Fine arts – It is recommended that you insure for full replacement value for your home’s contents, including your jewelry, fine arts, and collections. Difficult-to-replace items will be scheduled, and a current inventory maintained to allow full recovery. We can guide you regarding appraisals, documentation, and coverage.


Boat insuranceInsuringAmerica gives you access to a selection of the leading boat insurance providers to meet your insurance needs. Our selection of boat insurance options give you the tools to make the best choice for your marine coverage needs.


Personal umbrella insurance – Personal umbrella insurance is low-cost liability coverage that provides an extra measure of security beyond the limits of your regular auto and homeowners policies. It provides additional coverage if you’re sued as a result of an accident involving your car, property, or while participating in recreational activities such as boating or golfing. A personal umbrella policy should be considered if you have any high exposure situations, such as a swimming pool, a young driver in the family, engage in sporting activities, operate personal watercraft or other high-risk recreational vehicles.


Life & Health Insurance

Unlike most other insurance agencies and companies, InsuringAmerica, Inc. has full financial planning services. We have access to a wide variety of financial products for our clients; these include stocks, mutual funds, fixed and variable annuities, 401k, and college & individual retirement planning, just to name a few.


Life insurance – Life insurance may be one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can help pay the bills, continue a family business, finance future needs like your children’s education, protect your spouse’s retirement plans, and much more.


Health – If you’ve ever been sick or injured, you know how important it is to have full health insurance coverage. InsuringAmerica gives you peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to worry about carrying the enormous burden of unexpected medical expenses on your own.


Long-term care – The high cost of long-term care can quickly deplete your savings. Full-time nursing home care, can cost $60,000 or more per year. In some regions of the country, like the Northeast, the cost may be twice that amount. Long-term care insurance pays for a wide range of services and procedures that typically aren’t covered by your medical insurance, including skilled nursing care in the event of a debilitating sickness or accident.